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About Us


dog with glasses

Our Vision

Our vision is a statewide community where all companion animals are free from hunger and thirst; free from discomfort; free from pain, injury and disease; free to express normal behavior; and free from fear and distress – the five freedoms.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support and enhance the five freedoms for companion animals in the state of Colorado through impactful and innovative grant making.


10,000 Adopt a Shelter Pet Plates!

Check out this from the Colorado Pet Overpopulation Fund. Over 10,000 plates in Colorado now! Go get yours today and help a great cause.



The Jakebulance!

As many of you know, Katie and I spend a lot of time driving around the state getting to know you and all the great work you do. In the future look out for the brand new Jakebulance when we come and visit you! And buy an "Adopt A Shelter Pet" license plate!


aaf car


Why the Jakebulance? A picture of my departed companion Jake is on the back of the vehicle. Jake loved riding in cars. LOVED IT. He used to ride in the back of my truck (with a topper on of course!) and because he got so excited he would bark......for hours. We sounded like an ambulance coming down the road............woof woof woof woof wooof woof woof.  Hence, we now have the Jakebulance to remind us how much better our lives are when we adopt a pet from a shelter

aaf car2

Colorado Collaboration

Colorado animal shelters are national leaders in collaboration. Check out this video that shows a snapshot of all the good work that is going on throughout the state!


Colorado Loves Pets!

Colorado Federation of Animal Welfare Agencies (CFAWA) has just produced some videos to celebrate what a great place Colorado is for pets. Take a look!


Some of our friends