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About Us


dog with glasses

Our Vision

Our vision is a statewide community where all companion animals are free from hunger and thirst; free from discomfort; free from pain, injury and disease; free to express normal behavior; and free from fear and distress – the five freedoms.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support and enhance the five freedoms for companion animals in the state of Colorado through impactful and innovative grant making.


Next Grant Cycle

The 2016-2017 AAF grant cycle is now closed. Please stay tuned for next year's grant cycle coming up early summer 2017. 

 Please go to our Application Process page to get a more detailed description of the application process.


Denver CAT house building

On Sunday, December 7, from 10 am – 12 pm, cat lovers from across the Denver metro area gathered together to make a difference for community cats out in the cold this season. Metro Denver C.A.T., in partnership with Denver Animal Shelter and the Animal Assistance Foundation, hosted this event, building warm winter cat shelters for outdoor cats.  Approximately 45 volunteers, some affiliated with C.A.T. partner groups and some unaffiliated, gathered together at Denver Animal Shelter to build 50 water-proof, weather-proof, insulated cat shelters. Each shelter was either immediately distributed to help provide winter shelter for community cats across Denver County or ended up at The Feline Fix, awaiting distribution to cats in need. This type of warm, safe shelter to can provide a vital tool for survival for a community cat living through the cold winter months. Many of the participants in the event were helping to build shelters for any cats in need in our community. Several volunteers, though, had specific cats in mind during the project. A few of the shelters were personalized for the cats they were built for and are already in use. It was exciting to see so many community members working together and, in just over an hour and a half, make a difference for so many cats.

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Colorado Loves Pets!

Check out the new website to show your support for the Colorado animals. Take the Pledge and become part of the team and show your love.

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10,000 Adopt a Shelter Pet Plates!

Check out this from the Colorado Pet Overpopulation Fund. Over 10,000 plates in Colorado now! Go get yours today and help a great cause.




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